City Dance - A FRAGMENT am 07.Mai 2017

City Dance – A FRAGMENT

The desire to help others experience dance in its most human power as a collective, democratic process with participants from diverse artistic disciplines was the jumping-off point for “City Dance Köln” which traversed the city of Cologne in September 2016. Based on an idea by the dance pioneer Anna Halprin, the project devised unfamiliar sight lines from the outskirts across the river, down streets and through parks; brought dance to the most unusual places and united more than 5,000 passersby, artists and Cologne residents. The cathedral city was transformed into a place for togetherness and exploring the potential for collective movement. As a part of tanz nrw 17, the City Dance ensemble will revive three fragments of this community project.

Information about City Dance Köln

The City Dance Köln is a 12-hour long collective walk with over 300 professional and non-professional dancers and musicians, orchestras, choirs, citizens of Cologne, and of course – you!

Together, we will discover the most diverse places of the city – places with a rich history, non-places and hidden places.
The artistic collective of City Dance has created an all-day utopia for Cologne. A utopia that is meant to linger in the city for while: because as a community project, we want to invite you to participate, to observe, to join us to create this day together! The City Dance Köln will make its way through the city and will take along whatever appears on its wayside: impressions-people-means of transportation-the river-highways-public buildings-shopping streets-low grounds-a parking levels-the park. Whatever it touches, begins to move. City Dance Köln will rule the day. It will create unusual points of view, as dance, music and action meet us in the most unexpected places. Just after dawn, the participants of the morning walks, coming from Kalk, Nippes, Rodenkirchen and Poll, will gather on the meadows of the Rheinpark for a warm-up. Later, they will cross the Rhine in gondolas, plunge into the ancient moat of Fort X, conquer the impressive Higher Regional Court, perform at the Ebertplatz, parade along the Eigelstein street and celebrate in front of Cologne’s central station.